And so it begins...

This weekend, I took a first step to fulfilling a life-long dream. I feared taking the leap because I was always afraid of putting myself out there. I have always been an introvert. I used fashion and makeup to speak for me, because I was often afraid to speak for myself. 

After a lot of soul searching and inspiration from strong, intelligent and creative friends, I finally gathered the courage to make a plan, put in the work, and challenge my fears head on. And so with pride (and fear), I introduced Stupid Kitsch. 

This dream was hatched from a culmination of style choices and personal values that I have acquired over the years. Ever since I was young, I loved bold, eccentric, but pretty things. I got off on statement pieces, funky designs and all things retro and regularly tried to incorporate these things into my outfits. 

My love for fashion needed reprogramming as I became more socially conscious. As I watched big name brands and overseas factories rip off designs from businesses, and the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment, I began to rethink where and how I spent my money. This reawakening went beyond fashion. I saw the wealth divide widen and the promises of trickle-down economics fail. I saw wastefulness in one-season trends, cheaply made products and excess packaging. These things began to reshape my consumer mentality. It was time to make a change. 

I began to seek out stores where I can support smaller brands, local businesses, women and people of color. I looked around and saw there were a lot of great brands, but not a lot of one-stop shops to find them all in one convenient place. I decided to embrace the cliche, and be the change I wanted to see in the world. I decided to create my ideal shop. 

And so, with a small collection of pins to start, I hope to create a shopping destination where those like me can find style and quality in unique finds, while supporting the economy of individual members of our communities, not huge corporations. 

Thank you for supporting a dreamer like me!

xoxo Jane

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