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  • Brand Spotlight: Blue Platypus

    Stupid Kitsch unravels the mystery behind the North American Blue Platypus in this brand spotlight. Read more about how this vintage inspired clothing brand got started and what makes them tick.
  • 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Hey there, kitches! Can you believe that the holidays are already here? Seems like yesterday we were under COVID-19 lockdown and having panic attacks over the presidential election. 2020, am I right? *Laughs nervously* 

    For now, let’s tuck those horrible memories into the deepest crevices of our brains and focus on what to get your loved ones and friends this holiday. 

  • And so it begins...

    This weekend, I took a first step to fulfilling a life-long dream. I feared taking the leap because I was always afraid of putting myself out there...